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Jeg anbefaler Trish på det aller varmeste. Hun er meget dyktig og har en egen evne til å se hele pasienten. Hun tar seg tid til å lytte og undersøke for å finne den beste behandlingen. Jeg har fått et nytt liv etter at jeg traff Trish.

45 år dame fra Torshov

Jeg har vært pasient hos Trish i en god stund nå og vil påstå at hun er desidert den best kiropraktoren i Oslo. Hun tar seg alltid god tid til å undersøke deg og finne den behandlingen som er mest for deg. Du merker at hun bryr seg om pasientene sine og vil at de skal bli friske fortest mulig!

28 år dame fra Løren

Trish is the best chiropractor that I have been to. I initially went to her with knee and foot problems that have never returned, and she has also helped me with some recurring back pain over the last couple of years. Highly recommended!!

47 år man fra Hvalstad

Jeg har slitt med muskelplager i nakke og skuldre i lang tid.
Etter at jeg har fått div. behandlinger hos Orvin, er jeg gradvis blitt bedre. Han er en meget flink fysioterapeut med god forståelse for pasientens problem. Det er lett å kommunisere med han og hyggelig å komme til behandling hos han.
Jeg anbefaler han på det varmeste!

Hilsen R, pasient hos Orvin i to år.

Behandlingen jeg har fått har vært helt utmerket. Hadde smerter i knær og korsryggen da jeg startet men etter kort tid merket jeg stor forskjell. Nå er all smerte borte.

Mvh Marius

I have been going to Orvin for about a year. It started out with me damaging my foot playing tennis, where I was recommended by a tennis player to seek out Orvin’s help. Thanks to him I was back on the court just weeks later! I have been going almost every week to take care of basically my entire body! It’s normally done on Fridays, where we always laugh and it’s a great way to meet the weekend. I recommend Orvin to all my friends and family!

My back problems started during football training when I heard a bang from the hip as I made ​​a quick turn. I had severe pain in the hip every time I ran after this. As the pain persisted, I decided to consult a physiotherapist, I went to several times without treatment helped, tried including akkupunktur. I was here referred to a chiropractor who thought that my pelvis was crooked. Chiropractor then undertook two quick adjustments per treatment and felt that this was enough. I went several times to this type of treatment and felt that it helped me somewhat, but I had the feeling that more could/should be done to alleviate my troubles.

Having felt for some time not to be taken seriously properly, I decided to stop going to the chiropractor because I felt totally ok and the major currency for money, did not materialize. But with time came back problems and I noticed as well that I became more and more stiff back and neck. I doubted what a chiropractor could do for me, but decided anyway to consult a chiropractor again. I tried myself in different chiropractors this time, and it was only when I contacted Seamus Clancy that I felt I was being taken seriously.

Seamus undertook a thorough investigation and it was quickly determined that at my pelvis was out of alignment etc. I also had several muscular tension as a result of my muskelne over time had worked “alternative”, which was due to imbalance in the pelvis .

Seamus practiced identical adjustments as my first chiropractor, but he also undertook many more under the same treatment. I feel that Seamus Clancy is the best chiropractor I have been to, as far put the most time and effort into their patients. Seamus works not only to adjust / crack. He combines this with the muscular where he finds tensions and “break” these up and stretching and massaging. In addition, he combines this with akkupuntkur and I’ve certainly had tremendous progress with my health after I started going to Seamus Clancy. From at a time, at the age of 21 to be as physically challenged as I was, until now – at the age of 24 feel completely healthy and fit… I have a lot to thank Dr. Clancy for – he has my warmest recommendations. I have since recommended him to my father and a colleague from work who have long struggled with back pain – these are also now clients of Seamus Clancy and confirm much of the same as I do in my feedback.

M. Sebastian

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